An all-steel, modular perimeter system that keeps your inventory safe.




QwikFence            f9279d454eb3be588c4af050b3461f2c--racks-pallet           Pallet Rack Enclosure



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Pallet Rack Backing System protects your inventory from theft while guarding your employees from unwanted work-related accidents. We’ve designed our Safety-Fence Pallet Rack Backing System to keep pallet racks or bulk racks securely in place. The all-steel panels surround the back, preventing unauthorized access and protecting employees and customers from dangerous spills.


  • Open-mesh design – allows for quick visual inspection without obstructing sprinkler systems.

  • All-steel construction – heavy-duty, 8-gauge, all-steel panels feature 1½” X 3″ mesh grid openings.

  • Galvanized brackets – mount to the front of the uprights.

  • Easy assembly – all necessary hardware for assembly is included.

  • Maintenance-free –safety fence is welded wire partitions that will  look new for years to come. Galvanized components are rust-resistant and maintenance-free.

  • Extra-high extension kit – available to extend panels past uprights.