Interlake Shelving

Interlake Shelving

Our boltless shelving, designed for light to medium hand-stacked applications, offers easy assembly and reconfiguration while upholding Interlake Mecalux’s high product standards. Metal Point rivet shelving is ideal for quick-access, small packet storage in industrial warehouses, offices, or retail settings, all manufactured with superior steel and processes surpassing industry standards.
Interlake boltless shelving 2 level


Interlake boltless shelving

Why Choose Interlake Shelving:

The professional look and sturdy design of Interlake Mecalux rivet shelving make them highly-suited to any place of business. The posts and beams mean this system is also a good fit for a home workshop, record storage or as a merchandise display in points-of-sale. Add on more boltless units or rearrange shelving levels easily and as your needs expand.